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Personal Development

The Strength of Vulnerability

For many of us vulnerability can feel like it is a form of weakness. But what does the Bible say about that? And how did Jesus live His life while on earth? This seminar will address the Biblical and Christ modeled approach to vulnerability.

Dee Casper

Dee Casper is Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program ( Dee lived 30 minutes from 3ABN World Headquarters for 21 years and had never heard of a Seventh-Day Adventist, but by the grace of God, he found the message through 3ABN TV beginning in the fall of 2006. He was baptized in 2010 at the ARISE Cornerstone program, and has been involved in ministry ever since. He has served as a Bible worker, been a Bible teacher in an academy setting, and has taught in different schools of evangelism. He loves investing in young people, and opening their eyes to the beauty of the Everlasting Gospel, and the value that God places on each of them individually.

Relationships in the End-Time

Young people like to have relationships.

But looking at the present signs of the times - they tell us: watch - observe - think !

Why not reflect more about:

  • What is important for the end-time?

  • Who am I and where do I want to go?

  • Who would fit my goals and my personality?

  • What criteria do I have to consider for a God-willing relationship?

Ernst Zwiker

Ernst always wanted to become a teacher. By God's grace he could teach in the Adventist School in Zurich for 9 years. Afterwards he programmed at SWISSAIR for 20 years and then became self-employed being a holistic health counselor, helping marriages and families in their challenges.

A lot of counselings helped him to understand what is important in relationships that want to prepare for the end-time.

SX: Sinner Experience Design

This workshop is for anyone who is inspired to start a ministry, a business, or a project. We will cover the lessons of design, strategy, and concept validation found in Christ's method and how the world is succeeding using His principles.

Sebastien Braxton

Sebastien Braxton is the founder of Fiat Lux, a creative agency based in North Carolina and the CEO for The New Life Challenge, a mobile app designed to help other practice the laws of health in a community. He currently lives with his wife, Candis and their 4 kids in Fayetteville, NC.

Faith to FAITH

In the book of Romans chapter 1:16-17, the Apostle Paul states "for I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The just shall live by faith.”

Day by day we are to experience a growth in faith that will see us participate in the journey of the christian race taking you from faith to faith.

In this presentation we will look at the various stages of our walk of faith and how we can have a deeper relationship with God throughout the journey, experience and reality of walking from faith to faith.

Craig Gooden

Since giving his life to Christ, Craig has had the opportunity to share the Gospel internationally and serve in different ministries by way of preaching, teaching and training. He has a strong passion for seeing the everlasting Gospel proclaimed to the world in this generation. His favourite topics of study are Faith and Bible Prophecy.

Craig currently serves as a Director of an evangelistic centre, named PEACE (Practical Evangelism and Adventist Christian Education) and a Bible Worker in the North England Conference. Over several years he has had the privilege and honour to see many individuals give their lives to Christ his Saviour, dedicating themselves to the service of God.
Craig enjoys fellowship, reading, travelling, photography.

A biblical way to control your thoughts and emotions Martins Subatovics

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

Our thoughts actually define who we are. And success or failure in life depends largely on our thinking. Many people believe that thoughts just come and go. Many are unable to manage their emotions. They say – I just feel that way and can’t do anything about it.

In this seminar we’ll discover a biblical way to control our thoughts and emotions. It is a wonderful blessing of the Gospel!

Modern Challenges

Don't Waste my Time

This is a keynote presentation addressing the times just before Jesus is about to return. What should our focus be? How can we best share the gospel while there is time? Political pressure and social constructs that threaten our freedoms and also demand our attention. How can we be the most effective in our homes with our neighbors and even in our churches to represent Jesus with truth, love and power?


In this presentation we will be talking about the identity of transgenderism in our culture and how to relate and redeem all types of identity in the church. Discuss the reality of the transgender movement on the church and also to talk redemptively about an issue that needs a biblical perspective that is radical and loving. A real eye opener of the subject of love and truth combined.

Michael Carducci

Michael Carducci is a Co-Founder and Chairman of "Coming Out" Ministries.

Michael is an international ministry leader addressing his history from Transgenderism; living in the Homosexual Culture and being Sexually Addicted for over twenty years. Accepting Jesus Christ was the beginning of a discovery of healing, as he learned the Biblical process of cleansing and restoration through a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. Being introduced to God for the first time as Jesus proved His enduring love and dedication, showing Michael how to live in a world of temptation. Learning the process of true surrender and experiencing peace in his life on a moment by moment basis. Michael shares his experience for overcoming and helps guide others to Christ as he reveals what has helped address the brokenness of the past, and how to achieve healing through a solid dependence on Jesus Christ.

The Sacred Temple: Christian Modesty and Wholeness in a Broken World

Rather than a set of rules that many have come to view Christian modesty as, the Bible has a completely different model - a sacred model that Jesus Christ Himself lived by in a polluted and degenerate age. It is a model of incorruptible wholeness, strength, sacred mystery, honor, freedom, and abandoned giving of oneself for others. Come and discover a fresh look at the realities of body, mind, and soul that the Bible lays out for every follower of Christ, and leave with a completely new look and transformed opinion of the idea of Christian modesty.

Natasha Dysinger

Natasha Dysinger is a happy homemaker and speaker / writer for Pathway of Promise ministry, focusing on the subjects of spiritual growth, family, and womanhood. After intense years of ministry for young adults and serving as a Bible worker and health instructor, she shifted her focus to online ministry after the birth of her son. She has a passion for vulnerable children and victims of sex trafficking, loves animals and gardening, and is the very happy wife of Paul Dysinger. Together they work, travel, minister and raise their son Ethan from their home in the rolling hills of middle Tennessee.

Raising Children in the End Times

In this practical seminar, Antonella and Daniel will share their experiences and possible solutions they have found to common parenting challenges based on biblical principles. Questions will be discussed such as: How do you give your children the best chance to become Christians in a secular environment? Do you need to homeschool in order to set your children on the right path? How do you discipline effectively? How do you get children to like vegetables? And many more!

Daniel & Antonella Pedley

Daniel and Antonella Pedley are parents to two teenagers, aged 18 and 15, and have been bringing up their children in Sweden.

The Cost of Social Media and Gaming

We are an increasingly digital society - so much of our lives are spent in front of a screen, and we are increasingly interacting with people on social media and via video games. But is there a hidden cost behind the increasing digitisation of our social interactions? Are the games that people are playing addicting us without us even realising it? Discover what social media and gaming are doing to our lives today, and learn simple principles and the BIble can help overcome the increasing problem of technology in our daily lives.

Joel Ten

Dr Joel Ten is a general practitioner with over 13 years of clinical experience in both hospital and clinic work. He is actively involved in educating both people in the community and healthcare professionals. His work as a personal medical case manager at Medix Australia allows him to be on the forefront of the latest developments in the field of medicine and surgery. He also holds a position as a member of the GP Advisory group at the National Asthma Council. He enjoys teaching people in the community how to live the best lives that they can physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Omega: Final Deception

Ellen White wrote of the "omega of apostasy," the devil's final attack on God's church. What is it? How are we to recognize and avoid it? Has it already begun? The lessons of history and observations of present conditions help provide answers.

Dave Fiedler

Dave Fiedler has worked as a classroom teacher, school principal, writer, editor, and vegan restaurant manager--but his main interest is Adventist History and how its lessons can help God's church actually finish the job we've been given. Dave has written four books--Hindsight (lessons from Adventist history), d'Sozo (medical missionary work and it's essential role in the loud cry), Tremble (the counterfeit "spirituality" of Satan's final deception), and Tactics (the central role of "medical missionary principles" in the whole of the great controversy). He currently lives in British Columbia with his wife, Clarissa, and supports his addiction to teaching and writing by working part time as a dental equipment technician.

Adventist message

How to understand and share the God of the Old Testament

From the West Wing to Richard Dawkins, people today get hung up about the God of the Old Testament. Jealous, misogynistic, condoning slavery, commanding strange laws and ordering genocide - how are Christians to respond to these accusations being levelled at a God of love and reason? Though there are no easy answers to these questions, you’ll also find they need not be pegs on which to hang your doubts.

Antonella Pedley

Antonella Pedley combines an interest in religion and apologetics with a passion for using the written word and media, as part of the Adverum Productions team, to explore the interfaces between faith, science, culture and ethics. She lives with her husband and teenage children in southern Sweden, and in her spare time enjoys gardening and cooking. Antonella holds an MA in Ancient Religions from the University of Wales TSD and is presently pursuing a PhD in Divinity from the University of Aberdeen.

A Unique Responsibility

With a plethora of religions in the world today and belief systems and within Christianity a huge variety of denominations to choose from the question is asked, Why Adventism? What makes it different, or special or unique? Called to be a holistic movement that embodies a prophetic identity along with a practical demonstration of godliness, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is uniquely placed at the end of time to do a specific task. It's imperative that we understand our function, purpose and role as a people, both individually and collectively.

Adam Ramdin

Adam Ramdin was born and raised in England in an Adventist home. He went to the USA to study at the age of 19 and later worked for several years as an evangelist with Amazing Facts. In 2007 he accepted a call to return to England where he has had the privilege of serving the church in a variety of capacities. He is presently the Youth Director for the North England Conference and the Executive Producer for the Lineage Journey video series. He is married to his beautiful wife, Aiko Ramdin and together they live near Nottingham in England with their newborn son, Enoch. In their spare time they enjoy bike riding, kayaking, snowboarding and visiting historical sites of importance to the christian church.

Life in Eternity

The universe has always fascinated people. The size and beauty of the celestial bodies is almost unimaginable for us. The newer research concentrates increasingly on so-called exoplanets (earth-similar planets), which would be potentially habitable. One asks oneself the question whether there is other life in the universe and how it would look like. The Bible and the writings of Ellen White grant us exciting insight and a view of what awaits us in eternity, when we will visit other worlds and live on a new earth. As far as these sources allow, we’ll explore the living conditions of eternity.

René Gehring

René Gehring is professor of Theology and president of the Adventist Theological Seminary Bogenhofen (Austria). He received two PhDs in Theology and History, and an MA in Ancient History and Classics. He is married and has three children.

The Current Ideological Fight Revealed in Prophecy

Can we understand current events and social trends from prophecy? How does the Bible helps us unveil who is fighting for what in our world? Is there any indication where are we heading to? Come find out the answers from the books of Revelation and Daniel.

Filipe Reis

Filipe Reis is a Seventh-day Adventist from Vila Nova de Gaia, next to the city of Porto, in northern Portugal. He is passionate about prophecy and final events. His personal ministry includes a YouTube channel called “O Tempo Final” (The Final Time), running since 2016 with close to 7 million minutes watched. He is an Elder at his local church of Avintes. He is 42 years old, married to Sofia since 2005, and they have a 12 year-old son, Caleb. He works as a real estate agent.

Against The Tide: Lessons on Evangelism from the Reformation

When we think about the Reformation we often think about Martin Luther, the 95 theses, the Waldenses, and perhaps a martyr or two burning for their faith. We might also think of the five solas. But do we think about evangelism? The truth is the reformers weren't just theologians debating dogma they were also evangelists, actively seeking avenues to share their faith and make a difference in the world around them. This workshop takes a brief look at some of the most prominent figures of the Reformation, gleaning insights on how we can effectively reach out to those in our sphere of influence with the three angels' messages today.

Sukeshinie (Suki) Goonatilleke

Sukeshinie (Suki) Goonatilleke is a wife and mother of two young girls based in Melbourne, Australia. By day she is a busy homeschooling mama and by night she works as a freelance writer. Her work includes scriptwriting for the TV program The Incredible Journey and writing historical content for the Lineage website. She is also an author and her first book, Sisters in Arms: Courageous Women of the Reformation was recently published by Signs Publishing in Australia.


Reaching the Unreached in the Cities for Jesus

The solemn, sacred message of warning must be proclaimed in the most difficult fields and in the most sinful cities, in every place where the light of the great threefold gospel message has not yet dawned... From town to town, from city to city, from country to country, the message of present truth is to be proclaimed, not with outward display, but in the power of the Spirit…As the divine principles that our Saviour came to this world to set forth in word and life, are presented in the simplicity of the gospel, the power of the message will make itself felt. In this age, a new life, coming from the Source of all life, is to take possession of every laborer. O, how little do we comprehend the breadth of our mission! We need a faith that is earnest and determined, and a courage that is unshaken. Our time for work is short, and we are to labor with unflagging zeal. – Gospel Worker 27.1.

Have we taken to heart the work laid before us in towns and cities? Have we ignored it because of lack of knowledge, courage and faith? Carla’s workshop will underscore the practical principles given in the spirit of prophecy, and how the Spirit of God led to reach the people of city of Vienna. The workshop is aimed to inspire, equip, generate faith and mobilize those who have that burden for the mission work in the cities.

Carla May Quitoriano

Carla May Quitoriano is a registered nurse and was a professional practitioner for 6 years. Unfulfilled, she attended a mission school to learn to combine her profession with a burden in her heart. Thereafter, she received the call to work in the city of Vienna as a full time Literature Evangelist. She is a health worker by profession but soul winning is her life’s passion.


This is not a battery workshop but rather to learn from the source of all Power. Living in these solemn hours of earth’s history as Seventh-day Adventist, the message entrusted to us calls for more boldness and urgency. The question is how can we effectively share that with others in our daily routine and busy lives? How can our everyday conversations and affairs be focused on what God calls us to do for Him in these last days? This workshop is designed to underscore the principles and how to practically apply tips that we at E4J have learned and practice for Jesus. Come and fervently pray with us to learn from HIM that we may be better equipped to be the “salt to the earth” we have been formulated to be for such a time as this - everready!

Jan-Harry Cabungcal

Dr. Jan-Harry Cabungcal has authored/co-authored numerous peer-reviewed papers and book chapters in the area of developmental neuroscience and psychiatric neuroscience. And although he is a neuroscientist by profession, soul-winning remains his life’s passion. Jan is the founder and evangelism coordinator of Europe4Jesus, a church-supporting ministry that works to inspire, equip and mobilize young people for Jesus Christ. Together with his wife Sabina, an internal medicine specialist, they are raising, homeschooling and discipling three young children for the heavenly kingdom.

Why (Young) People Like Us Leave the SDA Church?

The question is asked over and over again, 'how can we keep the young people in the church?'. And for good reason, because a lot of them are leaving. And we were among those. It was nothing short of a miracle that God brought us back just a few years ago. Since then we've been seeing that many people (not just young ones!) are leaving for the same reasons that we did. To make it even worse, many of the people who the church has still physically kept, have actually left spiritually. So what do we do about it? We want to share with you some important lessons that we have learned, that we believe will not just keep more people in the church, but also bring a revival of godliness to the church and our own lives.

The Sandelins

We are the Sandelins. Melvin is from the Netherlands and Katja from Sweden, but we are living in the beautiful countryside in Norway. God has blessed us with a son who is now three years old, and his name is Elionai. We were both raised in Adventist(-ish) families, but left the church a few years ago and took a 'spiritual detour' -as we call it. But praise God, He brought us back, and immediately led us to starting the media ministry 'The Christian Life'. And just a few months ago we took a major step in faith when Melvin quit his job, so he could work full-time for our Youtube ministry. We find this missionary life incredibly exciting, even with all the difficulties and challenges that come with it. As I am sure you do too, we believe that Jesus is coming very soon, and we can't wait to see God move in unprecedented ways in the world, the church and our very own characters. What a time to be alive!

Witnessing to People of Other Religions

Have you ever been challenged with witnessing to people of other faiths? Where do you begin and how do you present your beliefs in a meaningful way? Find out the answers to these relevant questions.


Shahbaz is a speaker and president for Mission International Ministries committed to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. With a strong cross cultural background Shahbaz has served the Seventh-day Adventist church for over 20 years as lay pastor, teacher and evangelist. He is a sought-out speaker with engaging and timely messages that has helped thousands to get ready for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As lay-pastor and church planter Shahbaz successfully planted the first Persian speaking SDA church outside of Iran baptizing 27 individuals in just one year. His work as an evangelist has taken him to many countries and several continents around the globe with exciting results.

How to Remain a Worker for God

Over the years I have seen many young people on fire for God, but by far not all of them are still active in missionary lines, some of them even have left the faith altogether. We need to pause and consider how we can retain (or regain!) our connection with God, especially if we are busy in His work. We will look at inspired counsel and real life experiences to learn life-saving lessons to be enabled to stand, when the heavens will fall.

Christopher Kramp

Christopher Kramp (35) is a german evangelist for Joel Media Ministry based near Stuttgart. He left orchestra conducting to become a full-time missionary while attending the PEACE mission school in England. Since then he has traveled throughout Germany and internationally giving prophecy seminars and revival meetings. He is happily married to Rabea and is fascinated by historical research that is relevant to our prophetic message.


Like a Watered Garden

A garden full of flowers, who wouldn’t like to look at it? Growing your own vegetables, though, seems to take so much effort and time. Why bother if the supermarket supplies you with organic, healthy and maybe even cheap fruit and vegetables?

Looking from Eden all the way to the New Earth, we can see God’s plan of having a watered garden in our soul as well as involving us in watering gardens. Why would this be?

In case you are planning to have your own little garden, or you already have one – are you interested in knowing how to start a garden and how to make it flourish and produce a bountiful harvest?In this workshop we will look a little into why gardening in times past and for such a time as this is so beneficial to us, as well as how to start, how to know when to plant what, and how to recognise and utilise ways of fighting against common diseases and pests in plants.

Rebekka Wallner

Rebekka Wallner has grown up on a farm in the mountains of Austria but never thought about working within gardening later on. After her year as a student at Matteson Mission School she was asked to stay and work within gardening for another 4 years. That’s when her passion for agriculture started. After her internship at the agriculture department of Herghelia, Romania, she was called to Bogenhofen, Austria, in 2018, to take care of the garden and park there. Working together with student missionaries and students she is still learning more about how to take care of the plants as well as discovering new sides of God’s character through nature.

Activity cultivates power: The impact of exercise on our mental and spiritual health.

We all know that exercise is beneficial. We hear this all the time; that we should exercise, because it's good for us. But what does this mean exactly? How does exercise impact our mental health and our spiritual life?

In this workshop you will discover why physical exercise cultivates power in your personal lives. You will also look at what science, the bible and the spirit of prophecy have to say about this topic. And finally, you will take a look on how we can practically incorporate exercise in our daily lives. Through this presentation, Natalia will also share her experiences with exercise, and share practical advice from her personal journey.

Natalia Zmij

Natalia is a certified personal trainer and has a passion for healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, she does not work as a personal trainer at the moment. For now, she works as a kindergarten assistant alongside her full-time psychology studies at the University of Oslo. She was baptized at the age of 15, but almost three years ago Jesus changed her heart with his living Word. Now she spends her time sharing with others what God has given her, and focuses mainly on the youth.

Healing Treasures from Heaven’s Storehouse

In this workshop we will be looking at principles of Natural Healing from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. We will be sharing some stories from Ellen White’s experiences and the science behind Natural Remedies. Brief Demos of easy treatments will also be shared during this workshop, followed by a brief scientific explanation. The treatments that will be addressed are the following: remedies to help prevent Covid-19 & other respiratory illnesses (including herbs, supplements), heating compresses (charcoal), gargles (water, lemon), hot/cold showers, fomentations, hot foot and russian steam bath.

Dr. Roby Sherman

Dr. Sherman has been using “natural remedies” throughout her entire life. She was raised in MA in a 20 bed nursing home where her mother (former Director of Nurses in Tokyo San. & Hospital) used hydrotherapy & other remedies from her earliest childhood. Her husband and she have been overseas teaching in health seminars. They spent several years at a mission hospital in Southern Mexico. Currently, she is at Wildwood Lifestyle Center, Wildwood, GA, where she has been for more than 30 years practicing medicine, teaching Natural Remedies. We are promised we can ask for supernatural power to bless the use of God’s Healing Way.

Minimizing the Risks of the Digital Age

Dr. Nedley will describe what happens with our neurotransmitter activity with the usual use of technology and how to reverse the adverse effects, and avoid the manipulation and mental illness that frequently follows. He will also show how specific, limited, and rational use of screens and technology can enhance brain performance.

Dr. Neil Nedley

Neil Nedley, M.D. is the author and developer of the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs™. The 8-week educational program is the most widely attended and successful program for depression and anxiety. He has also developed Optimize Your Brain – a six part series to enhance general intelligence and emotional intelligence. Dr. Nedley has published multiple abstracts and studies in the peer-reviewed medical literature. He is also a practicing physician, an author of several highly acclaimed books, and serves as president of Weimar Institute.