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12–15 August 2021

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Bogenhofen, Austria

and online

Bogenhofen is an Adventist campus in Austria close to the German borders where young people come for highschool, study theology, German or education. During the summer months the students are on vacation which makes it possible for us to rent the place.

Check the latest coronavirus information and Entry Regulations for Austria here.

There will be a physical conference at the Bogenhofen Theological Seminary in Austria for all who are able to come. If you aren’t able to attend in person, we welcome you to join us virtually online. Several of the messages and workshops will be available live online. Online attendees will also be able to meet and fellowship with others from all over the world.

How to get to Bogenhofen?

You can either fly in to Munich, Vienna or Salzburg. From there trains go to Hagenau im Innkreis (if you can’t get to Hagenau, try to Braunau/Inn and let us know so we can pick you up). Leaving the tiny train station Hagenau im Innkreis, go to the right, follow the main road across another bigger road approximately 400m. The campus will be to your right hand. Go to the parking place where on the opposite side is the big church building. Registration will be there.

If you come by car, the address is:

Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen

Bogenhofen 1

4963 St. Peter/Hart


Attend online

How much?

Pricing Details

Physical & Online

  • Registration

    • Online attendance: € 10,00

    • In-person attendance: € 50,00

  • Accommodation & food (all nights included)

    • Classroom: €25,00
      Bring your own sleeping bag and sleep in one of the school's classrooms.

    • Shared 2-Bed Room: €80,00
      Share a room with one other person of your choice. If you don't know anyone, we'll pair you with someone else.

    • Lunch on Sunday
      Not included in the standard accommodation & food

  • Meals

    • All meals, except for lunch on Sunday: 30,00

    • All meals, including lunch on Sunday: €38,00

  • Ministry Booths

    • Get a booth to promote your ministry/organization: €50,00

Program Outline

What exactly will be taking place during the Counting the Cost conference? Get a more detailed overview of this year's program by clicking the button below.


There will be powerful messages and practical workshops taking place every day during the conference.
Below is a list of the confirmed speakers. Stay tuned as this list will be updated regularly.

Sebastien Braxton

Sebastien Braxton is the founder of Fiat Lux, a creative agency based in North Carolina and the ceo for The New Life Challenge, a mobile app designed to help other practice the laws of health in a community. He currently lives with his wife, Candis and their 4 kids in Fayetteville, NC.

Christopher Kramp

Christopher Kramp (35) is a german evangelist for Joel Media Ministry based near Stuttgart. He left orchestra conducting to become a full-time missionary while attending the PEACE mission school in England. Since then he has traveled throughout Germany and internationally giving prophecy seminars and revival meetings. He is happily married to Rabea and is fascinated by historical research that is relevant to our prophetic message.


Jan-Harry Cabungcal

Adam Ramdin

Michael Carducci

Natasha Dysinger

Daniel and Antonella Pedley

Carla May Quitoriano

Craig Gooden

Dee Casper

Ernst Zwiker

Rebekka Wallner

Joel Ten

Sukeshinie Goonatilleke

Dave Fiedler

Natalia Zmij

Filipe Reis

René Gehring


bogenhofen outreach

If you are attending in person at Bogenhofen then please click on the links below to access and select the areas you would be interested to go to. It is advised to read the information to help you select where to go, as the information will NOT be shared in the briefing before people go out for the outreach.

digital outreach challenges

If you are attending online we have some challenges that you can do during the time for outreach. Please see the link below to access the outreach challenges.

Highlight Videos

Whilst you are out on outreach you can use Whatsapp or Telegram to take and share short outreach videos and short testimonies with us. These will be used to form the highlight video for the outreach activities. Use the links below to choose the highlight group you prefer to join.


in person

Attend online